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Historical Novels
The Sun Historical Series



CHILD OF THE SUN: A HISTORICAL NOVEL by Frank Cheavens. Alvar Nez. Cabeza de Vaca was the first European explorer to cross the North American continent. His early 16th century wandering took him across Texas, part of New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and down the west coast of Mexico into South America. His altruistic work and healing ministrations among the Indians of the Southwest drew to him multitudes of Indians who revered him as the Child of the Sun. 194 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-161-4. $10.00.


All books in The Sun Historical Series are 8 1/2 x 11 perfect-bound paperbacks (40 to 48 pages each):

MAINE 100 YEARS AGO: Nichols and Pachard. ISBN: 089540-049-9 $3.50

MASSACHUSETS 100 YEARS AGO: The Northeast: Drake and Chadwick. ISBN: 0-89540-017-0 $3.50

MASSACHUSETS 100 YEARS AGO: The Southeast: Nordhoff, Mitchell Baird. ISBN: O89540-018-9 $3.50

NEW YORK CITY 100 YEARS AGO: Anonymous. ISBN: 0-89540-019-7 $3.50

PENNSYLVANIA 100 YEARS AGO: Headley, Crane and Samuel. ISBN: 0-89540-021-9 $3.50

OLD MARYLAND: Mayer, King and Fiske. ISBN: 089540-022-7 $3.50

VIRGINIA 100 YEARS AGO: Hotchkiss and Chapin. ISBN:0-89540-024-3 $3.50

GEORGIA 100 YEARS AGO: Ingersoll, Avery and Borrow. ISBN: 0-89540--025-1 $3.50

OLD FLORIDA: Nichols and Woolson. ISBN: 0-89540-054-5 $3.50

FLORIDA 100 YEARS AGO: King and Treat. ISBN: 0-89540-055-3 $3.50

MICHIGAN 100 YEARS AGO: Kirke, Johnson and Backus. ISBN: 0-89540-053-7 $3.50

MINNESOTA AND MANITOBA 100 YEARS AGO: Powell and Van Dyke. ISBN: 0-89540-056-1 $3.50

ILLINOIS 100 YEARS AGO: Hayes and Ely. ISBN: 0-89540-028-6 $3.50

LOUISIANA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. I: Edward King. ISBN: 0-89540-026-X $3.50

LOUISIANA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. II: Edward King. ISBN: 0-89540-027-8 $3.50

TEXAS 100 YEARS AGO: Taylor and Spofford. ISBN: 0-89540-030-8 $3.50

COLORADO 100 YEARS AGO: Ingersoll, Roberts and Rideing. ISBN: 0-89540-031-6 $3.50

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 100 YEARS AGO: Bishop, Nordhoff and Magee. ISBN: 0-89540-032-4 $3.50

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. I: Bishop and Newcomb. ISBN: 0-89540-033-2 $3.50

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. II: Bishop and Roberts. ISBN: 0-89540-034-0 $3.50

HAWAII 100 YEARS AGO: Charles Nordhoff. ISBN: 0-89540-035-9 $3.50

CHRISTMAS 100 YEARS AGO: Curtis, Spencer and Buddington. ISBN: 0-89540-036-7 $3.50

THE ELEGANT HOMES OF AMERICA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. I: Anonymous. ISBN: 0-89540-046-4 $3.50

THE ELEGANT HOMES OF AMERICA 100 YEARS AGO, VOL. II: Anonymous. ISBN: O 89540-072-2 $3.50

RAILROADS 100 YEARS AGO: Abbott and Anon. ISBN: 0-89540-048-0 $3.50





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